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We are a lighting manufacturer with many years of presence on the market, which is why we know everything about luminaires and hotel room lighting and retail&commercial lighting systems: we examine their possibilities and design, test and manufacture them. We strive for continuous development.

  • 100% of our LED Lighting business are OEM service

  • 50% of our LED lighting business are ODM service

Our Manufacturing Process of Quality LED Lighting Products

Structure Design: Develop the structural design and style of LED fixtures, considering aesthetics and practicality.
Optical Design: Design the optical system of the fixture, including reflectors, lenses, etc., to achieve the desired lighting effects.
Circuit Design: Design the printed circuit board (PCB), specifying the layout of LED chips and the power circuit.

led lighting engineer

Raw Material Procurement:
Select and procure raw materials such as LED chips, heat sinks, power supplies, ensuring they meet product standards and safety requirements.

As the “heart” of LED lighting products, the quality of the power supply is directly related to the performance and stability of the product. We use a brand of power supplies such as Osram, Philips, Tridonic, Lifud, Eaglerise etc that have been rigorously screened, and each power supply has been rigorously tested and certified to ensure its stable performance, high efficiency, and long life.

PCB Manufacturing:
PCB Fabrication: Apply the circuit design to manufacture the printed circuit board. Component Soldering: Solder components like LED chips, resistors, capacitors, etc., onto the circuit board.

As the core component of LED lighting products, the quality of LED chips or LED COB directly determines the performance and life of products. At COCOI, we work closely with the industry’s leading LED chip suppliers to select high-quality, stable LED chips to ensure that each luminaire has excellent lighting effects and long service life.

hotel room lighting
hotel room lighting

LED Component Installation: Mount LED chips, heat sinks, and other components into the main structure of the fixture.

Aging test:

Our LED Lights are 100% aging test before package and shipment

At Cocoi, we have an experienced assembly team. They are proficient in the assembly skills of various LED light and luminaires, and can quickly and accurately complete the assembly work of various lamps and lanterns. At the same time, they strictly control every link to ensure that every detail is in the best condition.

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