LED Inground Light

Outdoor ground lighting designed to provide amazing lighting on floors, paths, and gardens. It is characterized by its durability, elegant and modern design, and is easy to install on floors and hard surfaces easily, in line with different tastes and the variety of decorations in open spaces. The outdoor ingournd light is a recessed inground LED luminaire. The modern design is small and discreet but bright and can therefore optimally illuminate and set the scene for walkways, gardens, and terraces. Directed the light upwards to create an atmospheric highlight on walls or sculptures. It blends flush into the ground and is simple, functional, and available in 3 sizes. With an operating voltage of 8~26 volt AC/DC and a water-protected rating of IP65, it is a versatile and safe lighting solution for outdoor areas.

inground light

Light up your outdoor space with the sleek and stylish Cluster in-ground light by Cocoi.  Perfect for creating a dramatic effect on pillars or feature walls, these little guys pack a punch with their discreet design and glare-preventing honeycomb lens. Available in 2 sizes and 3 finishes, they’re versatile for any landscape design.

  • Power: 6W/12W/24W
  • Dimension: Φ130xH140/Φ160xH160/Φ260xH195mm
  • Efficacy: 70lm/w
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Light up your life with our high-grade inground lights straight from China! Perfect for luxury hotels and landscape settings, these corrosion-free beauties come in circular or square shapes with symmetrical beams. Say goodbye to glare with honeycomb louvers and hello to uniform lighting with frosted diffusers. Shine bright like a diamond with our Inground Light!

  • Power: 3W/6W/9W/12W/18W/24W
  • Dimension: Φ85xH95mm/Φ130xH95-Φ260xH125MM
  • Efficacy: 70lm/w

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If you have a distinct vision we can create a custom lighting solution for your project.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to create a product needs for your specifications.