Led Track Light

  • LED track lights with rotatable functionality are a fantastic lighting solution for clothing shops due to their versatility and ability to provide customizable illumination. The rotatable feature allows the lights to be adjusted to any angle, ensuring that every corner of the shop is well-lit and highlighting the displayed clothing items effectively. This flexibility in directing light is especially beneficial in retail settings where the layout may change frequently, allowing for easy adjustments to focus on new merchandise or specific displays.
  • Furthermore, LED track lights are known for their energy efficiency and longevity, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses in the long run. The quality of light produced by LEDs is also superior, with bright, consistent illumination that showcases clothing colors accurately and attracts customers’ attention. Additionally, the directional lighting offered by track lights helps minimize glare and shadows, creating a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
  • The sleek and modern design of LED track lights can also complement the overall aesthetic of a clothing shop, adding a touch of sophistication to the environment. Whether highlighting a new collection, creating focal points within the store, or enhancing the overall ambiance, LED track lights with rotatable functionality are an excellent choice for illuminating clothing shops with style and efficiency.
Series SKU Wattage Efficacy Dimension Beam Angle
Tucson TL002009 9W/15W 90lm/w Φ62x170mm 15°/24°/38°/45°/60°
Tucson TL002020 20W 90lm/w Φ72x180mm 15°/24°/38°/45°/60°
Tucson TL002025 25W 90lm/w Φ80x180mm 15°/24°/38°/45°/60°
Tucson TL002030 30W 90lm/w Φ94x180mm 15°/24°/38°/45°/60°

LED Down Light Applications

Residential Spaces: Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms

Commercial Buildings: Offices, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Hospitality Industry: Lobbies, corridors, dining areas, and event spaces.

Art Galleries and Museums: Artworks, artifacts, or exhibits

Theatrical and Entertainment Spaces: Theaters, cinemas, concert halls, and entertainment venues

Educational Institutions: Classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, and other educational facilities

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, medical offices, patient rooms, waiting areas, hallways, and examination rooms

Outdoor Spaces: Gardens, pathways, patios, and facades of buildings for architectural lighting, landscape illumination

Transportation Infrastructure: Airports, train stations, bus terminals, passenger waiting areas, ticketing counters, concourses

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