Retail store lighting buying guide

As a leading manufacturer in retail store lighting, COCOI Lighting has witnessed the transformative power of retail shop lighting across various industries over the years. Today, LED lighting has emerged as the top choice for all commercial lighting needs. In the fiercely competitive business landscape, the retail sector stands to benefit significantly from the use of LED lighting solutions。

The COCOI Lighting team has visited numerous showrooms and accumulated extensive practical experience, enabling us to assist clients in achieving the maximum return on investment. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we are committed to providing innovative showroom lighting ideas that meet the unique needs of the retail industry.

All retail stores and showrooms are considering the necessity of designing strategies to attract customers’ attention and stimulate their desire to purchase. In this scenario, appropriate showroom lighting design can create a favorable atmosphere and environment for showrooms, allowing visitors to experience the allure and appeal of the exhibits.

Why no other Lighting than LED?

Making decisions to change existing lighting systems can be challenging at times. However, when it comes to retail or showroom lighting, the wisest choice is to switch to LED showroom lighting without hesitation. Here are some reasons why showroom led lighting should be used.

1 More durable:

Unlike incandescent bulbs and CFLs (made of glass), LED bulbs are encased in durable epoxy resin, enhancing the durability of the equipment. Additionally, LED chips can provide illumination for nearly 50,000 hours. If you opt for CFLs or other lighting fixtures, you’ll need to spend time and money maintaining them for normal operation. During busy peak periods in showrooms, there’s no time to call an electrician to replace bulbs or fixtures. When you choose LED lighting, its advantages include an ultra-long lifespan and stable safety. Choosing LED lighting means choosing peace of mind.

2 Environment Factor:

Traditional lighting technologies pose serious risks of UV radiation. UV emitted by CFLs and fluorescent tubes can damage the colors of displayed products. Therefore, it is recommended that showrooms or art galleries opt for LED products.

3 Heat management:

For non-LED fixtures, this presents another challenge. If you’re using halogen spotlights, be prepared for your AC; otherwise, it’ll get even tougher. Every inefficient fixture generates heat as a byproduct.

4 Versatile:

LED lights are widely used in people’s daily lives, offering a variety of colors, sizes, wattages, and shapes to choose from. Therefore, they not only meet the lighting needs of daily life but also enhance the aesthetics of product displays in product showrooms and commercial retail stores.

5 Rate of investment:

It is widely known that low energy consumption and high cost efficiency are significant features of LED lights. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, have a long lifespan, and can convert 100% of electricity into light, avoiding any form of energy wastage. Therefore, installing LED lights can enable showroom or retail store owners to achieve maximum return on investment.

6 Most importantly, LED lights emit zero (or extremely low) ultraviolet radiation. This not only prevents fading of product features (such as color, gloss, etc.) but also helps maintain cleanliness around showrooms or retail spaces.

When you are installing lights, like showroom spotlights, jewellery showroom lighting, there are some points which should pay attention to:

Light islands: Please note that not every area in the showroom requires ample lighting. Product display areas, product selection zones, and showcase areas should have more lighting compared to aisles, reception areas, and waiting rooms.

The color rendering index (CRI) of lighting fixtures is the most overlooked aspect in LED lighting. CRI indicates the accuracy of how the fixture displays product colors.

A low CRI value can cause your products to appear different in color and tone. Your customers may complain that the colors of the products are different from what you displayed.

Majority manufacturers do not mention CRI because they use a CRI of 70 or less. In this case, LED lights should have a CRI of 80 or higher.

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